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I was born and raised in the rougher suburbs of Copenhagen, Denmark,  and a middle child of five.

My family, along with my beloved maternal grandparents, moved to the countryside in southern Sweden when I was 10.

My grandfather ran a music shop in Denmark and my uncle was a touring musician, thus making the element of music ever present during my childhood. I remember being in granddad's music store, all mesmerized by the shiny instruments everywhere. This was definitely my ultimate Neverland and that very feeling is always with me whenever I visit a music shop. 


Aside from an inherent musical drive, some of the inciting events and calamities that pushed me further onto the path of songwriting were the loss of my baby brother when I was 5, the move from one country/culture to another and a religious upbringing, which I came to question during my latter teens. 

I was 19 when I started exploring writing. It was the same year I decided to join my oldest sister and went to college in the US.

I took classes in psychology and theatre. Psychology gave me insight and necessary keys to unlock my own struggles with anxiety and was a segway to years of therapy to come. Theatre gave me the much needed nerve of self expression and eventually pulling my songwriting and singing out of the closet. 

Along with a new found ally in the form of the music from Tori Amos and her revelatory style of writing about her own difficulties with organized religion, I finally felt I wasn't alone in my own battles. More muses were found in the other greats emerging in the 90's like PJ Harvey, Alanis Morissette, Björk, Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails. Right along with the grungefellas of the same era. To mention a few.

5 years later, I moved back to Sweden and started to dabble a bit with children's theatre and show groups. But the constant pull I felt from wanting to create my own stuff ultimately led me to get a band of my own and record my debut album, "Where Spiders Sleep", in 2012. 

I have since then been busy playing, recording and exploring my writing further in a more downscaled manner. As we are not static as human beings, I feel that same thing is a natural occurance in the evolution of my musicianship. The freshman years aren't the same as the sophomore years, and so on.

I've also been writing songs for other artists and projects, including signature music for a couple of tv-shows on Swedish Television. Writing something completely different from what you're used to, forcing yourself out of your "safe space", is quite a learning and rewarding challenge. One I happily welcome. 


Other than music only related topics, I've been fascinated with film and the making of process, leading me into producing smaller and bigger documentarian projects. Another kind of storytelling with an added dimension.

But the biggest and most amazing project of them all: a boy wonder child! Becoming a mother has naturally changed so much in my world the last five years and I feel immense fortune and gratitude that the universe granted me this added element to my life's journey. 

Mixing music, filmmaking and motherhood is an interesting adventure indeed. 

//EMJ 2020

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