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Eva-Maria Junker

Music maker & documentarian flirt

Making music and documentarian projects while juggling motherhood and life in general. 

We're in the Spring of 2022 and I'm in the midst of writing my upcoming album, "Cryptology". No release date as of yet, but I'm chugging away and will be back with more info as soon as I can. 

The year that should have been different. So many plans, so many delays, but time doesn't stop and neither do we. In the meantime, I'm venturing into electric guitar land and so excited about trying on different sonic shapes and colors. 
Also had the opportunity to do a guest appearance on a colleague of mine's upcoming album, which is still under production and off the record until Spring, 2022. ;)

All episodes of the mini-series "Hundens A & O" now on Youtube! Links to all episodes under "Dox Projects".

Premiere for the YouTube mini-series Hundens A & O (Swedish for "The Dog's Alpha and Omega")! Acclaimed, Swedish based dog behaviorist and friend, Alexandra Ortega, mainly focuses on preventive measures to establish or keep a healthy relationship with your dog(s). Filmed in a spontaneous setting with my iPhone, meaning we chose content over stellar audio and resolution. In other words: not suitable for larger screens. 
Watch episode 1, part 1: Val av Hund (Choosing a dog), below.


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